natural water Muvanadis

Muvanadis is balanced mineral water that contains 34 kinds of minerals including vanadium, zinc and silicon.

It boasts of rich contents of minerals!

Mu(μ) is a Greek symbol for micro or micron and Vanadis is the Scandinavian goddess of love in Northern Europe. With these two symbolic words, we named Muvanadis in the hope of more delicate “beauty and health".

The subterranean water that oozes from the basalt base of Mt. Fuji slowly penetrated and filtered over the years to contain densely accumulated vanadium and other mineral ingredients. Muvanadis is ideally balanced mineral water.


It boasts of rich contents of minerals!

Energy/Calories 0 pH 7.4 Weak alkaline
Protein 0 Solidity 34mg/L
Sodium 0.45mg Conductibility 92.4μs/cm
Calcium 0.85mg Cluster (water molecule cluster) 89.1Hz
Magnesium 0.30mg Vanadium 63μs/L(±6μs)
Potassium 0.11mg Zinc 47μs/L(±8μs)
Silicon 18.1mg/L

Muvanadis is a perfect mineral supplement that cannot be provided by everyday meals. It is most suitable for rice cooking, tea and coffee as well as drinking since it’s soft water with weak alkaline and solidity of 34 mg/l. It is perfectly safe for making milk for babies and for taking medicines.

*The numbers presented in the table is per 100 ml.

Certified by Japanese preventive medicines administrative commission as a preventive medical supply.

Muvandis’ original source water (Kitsuta water) was certified as a recommendable preventive medicine. We will continue our efforts in providing safe products for every age group from infants to seniors.

Japanese preventive medicine administrative commission under the Ministry of Government Administration.

Japanese preventive medicine administrative commission under the Ministry of Government Administration is an organization that accepts alternative medicine (any practices that are put forward to enhance natural healing power (immunity) and eliminate causes of diseases by taking nutritious food, doing regular exercises, taking rests and improving the way of life) to achieve higher standards in health care projects in the 21st century in Japan.

Criteria for preventive medicine certification.

  • The safety and efficacy of the preventive medicine must be validated scientifically by a public institution or a higher educational institution with expert knowledge in the specific fields. With regard to foodstuffs however, it must pass the examination by product certification inspection entity which was designated by the Commision.
  • Sales method should not mess with customers’ physical condition or cause customer complaints.
  • Entities or products thereof should not impair credit and reputation of the Commission.

* Abstract from the article of Japanese preventive
medicine administrative commission under the Ministry of
Government Administration.


  • Q1  Is it okay to boil or freeze?
  • It’s common to see white crystals forming during boiling or freezing. However, those crystals result from natural mineral components that have nothing to do with the quality of water. Also, there are no changes in water constituents by heat treatment or cooking.
  • Q2  Is it okay to take it with over the counter medicine or supplement?
  • Of course. Muvanadis’ components are all from nature and consist of zinc,vitamin,silicon, etc.
  • Q3  What’s the expiration date?
  • PET bottles are good for 2 years and BIBs (Bag In Box) are good for 1 year. Consume as soon as possible after open regardless of validity period.

Product lineup

  • Muvanadis 2L bottle

    Perfect size for household refrigerator. May we suggest 500ml bottle for hand carry and 2L bottle for freezer?

    2L * 6 each list price 3,000Y + tax

  • Muvanadis 500ml 24 bottle pack

    500ml 24 bottle pack for your convenience

    500ml * 24 each list price 4,800Y + tax

  • Muvanadis1 set

    2 10L Bag In Box in one set

    10L *2 boxes list price 4,000Y + tax

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