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What is Fastzyme?

On our modern dinner table, the level of food enzymes is almost close to zero. Fruits, vegetables, fishes and all other natural food ingredients have food enzymes but these enzymes are susceptible to heat treatment.

Refined foodstuffs and even fresh vegetables grown with agricultural chemicals have low level of food enzymes. It is undeniable that our foodstuffs are seriously insufficient in terms of edible enzymes. Enzymes contained in foodstuffs often invigorate internal enzymes produced by human body system. As the amount of food enzymes decreases, internal enzyme production function is substantially affected.

Enzymes are contained in fresh foods, fermented foodstuffs and Fastzyme.

3 and half year fermentation
Fastzyme is a vegetable lactobacillus beverage made from over 70 agricultural crops for more than 3 years of repeated ripen and fermentation. It not only contains enzymes but also vitamins, mineral, amino acids and phytochemical as well. Its long-term fermented nourishment is easily digestible in the form of drinking beverage.
Fastzyme is perfect choice for every day healthcare and fasting as well


  • Over 70 kinds of carefully selected ingredients

    prune, Japanese apricot, yuzu(Japanese lemon), strawberry, apple, iyokan(Japanese citrus), grapes, fig, persimmon, kiwi, tangerine, lemon, five-leaf akebia, crimson glory vine, red bayberry, rubus buergeri, blue berry, black berry, bramble, Chinese quince, peach, Asian pear, silverberry, pumpkin, carrot, Japanese mugwort, cabbage, kale, spinach, Japanese radish, eggplant, red Shiso, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, bitter melon, Japanese mustard spinach, green pak choi, brassica rapa, turmeric, Japanese mallotus, chinese Plantain, young barley leaves, sasa Veitchii, edible burdock, field Horsetail, (Japanese) loquat leaves, Broccoli, nalta jute, angelica shikokiana, parsley, Japanese parsley, celery, lotus root, Japanese honeywort, myoga(Japanese ginger), asparagus, ginger, shiitake mushroom, reishi mushroom, jew's ear fungus, hen of the woods, kombu(kelp), wakame(seaweed), fucus, kelp root, hijiki(seaweed), soybean, cocoa, sweet corn, rice bran, brown rice, brown sugar, oligosaccharide.

  • Multi species lactobacillus collected from all over the world
    ~ Probiotics effects ~

    Fastzyme is a well-balanced combination of vegetable lactobacillus extracted from carefully selected multi-species.

  • Effects of probiotics

    Fastzyme contains oligosaccharide which is one of the great sources of good stomach bacteria.

  • Easy to digest

    Since Fastzyme contains no fiber, it’s easy to digest.
    Fastzyme is designed to be utilized as fasting drinks.

  • Fastzyme ensures a supply of glucose,which is the sole source of nutrient for a properly functioning human brain.

    An undernourished brain often causes various mental disorders such as shortened attention span and inflammation. In Fastzyme, we secure glucose through such ingredients as brown sugar, pineapples, apples and peaches to supply nutrient for the human brain.

  • Safe and relief (no pesticide residue nor toxic metal), additive-free

    Pesticide residues detected on these vegetables and fruits as raw material are below base value. We also deliberately conduct radioactivity inspection. Materials are free from toxic metals such as arsenic, cadmium or mercury. With no additives or preservatives, consumers are assured of its freshness for everyday drinking. pH level is controlled solely by apple vinegar.

What is fasting?

Fasting generally means to go without food but it also means giving rest to human body itself and digesting system. In modern Japan, very few people give enough rest to internal organs through fasting. It is one of the newly highlighted healthcare treatments that lets human body take some rest and make new tissues by utilizing rather busy enzymes.


  • Q1  Best time for drinking
  • Any time of the day is okay but for the purpose of regular drinking, we recommend 20~30 ml in the morning or right before sleep with an empty stomach. (Several times a day is also fine. Usually, drinking undiluted solution is recommended but mixing with water or sparkling water would make it easier to drink) Also, we highly recommend taking Fastzyme during fasting.
  • Q2  Location of Fastzyme production facility
  • It is located in kibikogen of Okayama prefecture. Surrounded by pure nature and cooler air than the southern part of Okayama prefecture, old kayoucyou region produces plenty of vegetables and fruits for Fastzyme.

Product lineup

  • ファストザイムプレミアム  900ml

    Fastzyme premium 900ml

    As a supplementary beverage during fasting, it maximizes the effects of fasting.
    List price 19,000 + tax

  • ファストザイムプレミアム ファスティングセット

    Fastzyme premium fasting package

    Premium package specialized for fasting. For 3 days dosage
    ・Fastzyme premium 900ml * 1 each
    ・Muvanadis 2L *3 each
    ・Black Tempe porridge * 12 each
    ・VI-TOX 3g×7bags
    ・Fast beauty bar 2sticks

  • ファストザイムエナジー 720ml

    Fastzyme Energy 720ml

    Instead of energy drinks, you are drinking energy full of youth!!
    Retail price 8,500 JPY

  • ファストザイムエナジー 10mlパウチ 30包

    Fastzyme Energy® 10ml * 30 each

    Portable pouch type
    List price 5,000 + tax

  • ファストザイム 10ml×30包

    Fastzyme 10ml * 30 each

    Portable pouch type
    List price 6,000 + tax

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