Enzyme fermented beverages Fastzyme IO

What is Fastzyme IO

Undiluted enzyme solution obtained from long fermentation period of over 70 kinds of agricultural products contains vitamins, mineral, amino acids, phytochemical and highly absorbent ionized minerals. It also combines pomegranate and pueraria mirifica for exclusive usage by women.


  • Over 70 kinds of carefully selected ingredients

    prune, Japanese apricot, yuzu(Japanese lemon), strawberry, apple, iyokan(Japanese citrus), grapes, fig, persimmon, kiwi, tangerine, lemon, five-leaf akebia, crimson glory vine, red bayberry, rubus buergeri, blue berry, black berry, bramble, Chinese quince, peach, Asian pear, silverberry, pumpkin, carrot, Japanese mugwort, cabbage, kale, spinach, Japanese radish, eggplant, red Shiso, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, bitter melon, Japanese mustard spinach, green pak choi, brassica rapa, turmeric, Japanese mallotus, chinese Plantain, young barley leaves, sasa Veitchii, edible burdock, field Horsetail, (Japanese) loquat leaves, Broccoli, nalta jute, angelica shikokiana, parsley, Japanese parsley, celery, lotus root, Japanese honeywort, myoga(Japanese ginger), asparagus, ginger, shiitake mushroom, reishi mushroom, jew's ear fungus, hen of the woods, kombu(kelp), wakame(seaweed), fucus, kelp root, hijiki(seaweed), soybean, cocoa, sweet corn, rice bran, brown rice, brown sugar, oligosaccharide.

  • Multi species lactobacillus collected from all over the world
    ~ Probiotics effects ~

    Fastzyme is a well-balanced combination of vegetable lactobacillus extracted from carefully selected multi-species.

  • Effects of probiotics

    Fastzyme contains oligosaccharide which is one of the great sources of stomach bacteria.

  • Safe and relief (no pesticide residue nor toxic metal), additive-free

    Pesticide residues detected in vegetables and fruits used as raw materials are below base value. We also deliberately conduct radioactivity inspection. Materials are free from toxic metals such as arsenic, cadmium or mercury. With no additives or preservatives, consumers are assured of its freshness for everyday drinking. pH level is controlled solely by apple vinegar.

New Approach

Combination of pomegranate and pueraria mirifica

  • We add chrysanthemum extract which is gaining attention as an effective anti-aging material. The desired effects are the prevention of skin freckles and collagen hardening.
    Fastzyme IO was developed to effectively provide essential nutrients for the moderns by combining pomegranate and pueraria mirifica. Pomegranate has ellagic acid and vitamin C that have great effect on beautiful skin and anti-aging. Pueraria mirifica is considered to be effective on [becoming young] in Southeast Asia. Daily drinking will make your body clean from the inside and make it lively beautiful for a long time.


About FastzymeIO

  • Q1  Location of Fastzyme IO production facility?
  • It is located in kibikogen of Okayama prefecture. Surrounded by pure nature and cooler air than the southern part of Okayama prefecture, old kayoucyou region produces plenty of vegetables and fruits for Fastzyme.
  • Q2  Best time for drinking?
  • Any time of the day is okay but for the purpose of regular drinking, we recommend 20~30 ml in the morning or right before sleep with empty stomach. Also, we highly recommend taking Fastzyme during fasting. During fasting, 300ml of Fastzyme a day with water or sparkling water is considered to be effective.

Product lineup

  • Fastzyme IO 720ml

    Combination of pomegranate and pueraria mirifica. Exclusive for woman!

    List price 8,500 + tax

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