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What is Fastzyme IO

Reflect your inner beauty out

It’s not about having an instant beauty but about for living healthy and beautifully.
Fastzyme iO is a plant-lactobacillus fermented extract beverage which is made by over 70 kinds of vegetables and fruits which have been fermented for three years and half, and we add some young fresh fermented extracts to make the beverage tasty.
Strawberry*1 Pueraria Mirifica, Pomegranate*2, CELABIO-F and Zinc yeast are contained as specialties in order to effectively provide nutrition necessary for you. Drinking it every day keeps you healthy and beautiful not only internally but also externally.

*1 Strawberry used in the product is its juice.
*2 Pomegranate used in the product is its juice.

New Approach

Strawberry Top-class high in Vitamin-C and folic acid content

Strawberry is said to contain more vitamin-C than lemon which is known as high in vitamin-C content. Vitamin-C facilitates generation of collagen, and also restrain your skin from generating melanin. There are also anthocyanin that functions as anti-oxidation and folic acid that works as anemia prophylaxis.


liquids extracted from soy and rice bran that have been fermented by "Natto" bacteria which japanese are very familiar to. This is an ideal ingredient for beauty skin coming near placenta despite plant derived origin and has effective functions for those who have excessive cold sensitivity, swollenness in part of their bodies and have symptoms likely seen as menopause approaches.

Zinc yeats

Zinc is an essential mineral that acts to activate enzymes in order to maintain cell halth and structure and to improve metabolic activation.

Combination of pomegranate and pueraria mirifica

We add chrysanthemum extract which is gaining attention as an effective anti-aging material. The desired effects are the prevention of skin freckles and collagen hardening.
Fastzyme IO was developed to effectively provide essential nutrients for the moderns by combining pomegranate and pueraria mirifica. Pomegranate has ellagic acid and vitamin C that have great effect on beautiful skin and anti-aging. Pueraria mirifica is considered to be effective on [becoming young] in Southeast Asia. Daily drinking will make your body clean from the inside and make it lively beautiful for a long time.


About FastzymeIO

  • Q1  Location of Fastzyme IO production facility?
  • It is located in kibikogen of Okayama prefecture. Surrounded by pure nature and cooler air than the southern part of Okayama prefecture, old kayoucyou region produces plenty of vegetables and fruits for Fastzyme.
  • Q2  Best time for drinking?
  • Any time of the day is okay but for the purpose of regular drinking, we recommend 20~30 ml in the morning or right before sleep with empty stomach. Also, we highly recommend taking Fastzyme during fasting. During fasting, 300ml of Fastzyme a day with water or sparkling water is considered to be effective.

Product lineup

  • Fastzyme IO® 720ml

    Combination of pomegranate and pueraria mirifica. Exclusive for woman!

    List price 8,500 JPY + tax

  • FastzymeIO® 10ml * 30 each

    Portable pouch type

    List prices 5,000 JPY + tax

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