Enzyme fermented foodstuffs Fastzyme rice

What is Fastzyme rice?

Has the real taste of brown rice harvested from pesticide free soil and grown by organic farming. The carefully chosen farming land has been used for rice farming for over 15 years.

Minerals, vitamins and fiber rich brown rice are carefully chosen for your dinner table.


  • Home grown harvesting from seed for over 10 years.

    The rice seeds are carefully chosen to ensure no residual fertilizer to complete pesticide free farming. We are trying our best to reduce the effects of chemical fertilizers as much as possible and to bring out the true taste of the crop.

  • The rice is provided to the family of the Japanese emperor.

    The rice was selected as the official rice supplier for the royal Niinamesai ceremony (where the king offers new crops of the year to gods) in 2005.

  • We strictly stick to Fastzyme farming.

    Fastzyme farming uses fermented fertilizer obtained from over 70 kinds of ingredients by fermentation process that takes one and half years.

    The land becomes fertile through the use of the fermented fertilizer by facilitating the massive reproduction of useful microbes. Crops harvested from this land have great shining color and high sugar content.

  • Best grade in taste examination

    Fastzyme rice was ranked as top A grade out of a 6 stage assessment supervised by the Ministry of agriculture, forestry, fisheries and envirionment.
    *The assessment quantifies the level of amylose, protein, moist and fatty acids.

  • Extremely low level of toxic metals

    Toxic metals (a general term for mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, etc.) hamper essential mineral functions for our body. Since Fastzyme rice was grown in clean soil with no toxic elemets, the rice contains minimal amount of toxic metals and considered to be safe.

  • The rice is a result with Master Yukio Matsunaga's passion.

    We concentrate our every attention on growing delicious and yet safe agricultural ultural products

Product lineup

  • Brown rice (Hino hikari) 5 kg

    Fastzyme rice 5kg (Brown rice (Hino hikari))
    We are preparing for customers’ common and regular purchase.

    List price 4,500Y + tax

  • Brown rice (Hino hikari) 1kg

    Fastzyme rice 1kg (Brown rice (Hino hikari))
    Item for newcomers
    We are preparing for common purchase.
    List price 1,000Y + tax

  • Black rice

    We are preparing for common purchase

    200g list price 600Y + tax

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