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What is black tempe porridge?

Healthly and delicious porridge made with carefully selected brown or black rice porridge together with Fastzyme. It is great for daily meals and even better for fasting or dieting because of its high nutritive value and easy digestion.

We also completed a product renewal with the addition of hemp seeds as one of the ingredients.


  • Muvanadis is used for porridge cooking!

    We use mineral-rich Muvanadis for in every step from washing to cooking.

  • Brown and black rice used in porridge are grown by an enzyme farming technique.

    It is well known that the rice grown by enzyme farming used for black tempe porridge has rich minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Black rice contains several nutrients such as anthocyanin. All of the rice we use at Glory International is grown by rice farming specialist Mr. Matsunaga Yukio. You can enjoy the unique taste of this rice and its characteristic sweetness.

  • We also use Fastzyme!

    As a part of the recipe for black tempe porridge, we use Glory International’s own Fastzyme that has been fermented for 3 and half years.

  • Seasoned with bamboo baked salt “kiwami”

    Special bamboo salt baked by an expert for a week in hot – over 1,000 degree- charcoal kilns makes the taste of the porridge very impressive.

  • Handpicked black tempe!

    Black soybeans used in the porridge are grown by contract farmers in Hokkaido, Tokachi. Tempe is fermented soybean that have rich protein, vitamin B, essential amino acid, fiber and minerals. It is a suitable supplement in order to stay healthy.

  • A new addition, Bama hemp seed!

    Bama hemp seed is one of the great sources of well-balanced minerals including essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, vitamin E, zinc, magnesium. Its tender walnut taste would bring out deeper flavor of the porridge.

Product lineup

  • Enzyme brown rice black tempe porridge 250g * 12 each

    It is a high grade porridge made of brown and black rice grown by enzyme
    farming and black tempe

    250g 12 each list price 4,560 Y + tax

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