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What is bamboo baked salt?

Sea salt becomes alkaline when it is inserted in thick bamboo stubs and baked for a long time. Since it takes a Master a week to 10 days to attend to the charcoal kiln, mass production is impossible. Bamboo salt comes in 2 types; “takumi” baked for a week at 800 degrees Celsius to spice up the ingredients and “kiwami” baked for a week at 1,000 degree Celsius to restore oxidation.


  • For cooking

    Although bamboo salt has dim sulfur scent, you wouldn’t notice it once it is used for cooking. Its mildness is good for every day meals and other kinds of dishes. “kiwami” is especially good for rice balls during hot summers because of the oxidation restoration capacity.

  • Brushing your teeth with bamboo salt to prevent pyorrhea

    IAfter each meal, inside the mouth tends to be oxidized. Brushing and massaging teeth and gum with bamboo salt will balance your mouth’s pH level.

  • Bath ・ Massage

    Mixing bamboo salt in the bath tub neutralizes tap water. It is recommended for a person with sensitive skin. Massaging the back of the legs or between the fingers with bamboo salt helps alleviate body chills.

  • Gargling and nose cleansing

    Bamboo salt water gargling after meal prevents cold. Gargling 100cc of bamboo salt (about 1.5g) in dissolved water not only prevents colds but also foul breath.

  • For various sporting activities; Golf, hiking and marathon

    Exercise requires a large amount of minerals and active oxygen level increases during and after exercise. “kiwami” is a very effective means for mineral replenishment and the removal of active oxygen out of human body.
    1 small spoonful of “kiwami” with quality water is enough for your languid body.

  • Water for flower vase

    In arranging flowers in vase, simply add one spoon of bamboo salt. It prolongs flower life as well as the water itself. Also, spraying the leaves of ornamental plants will make the leaves more vividly.

Product lineup

  • Bamboo baked salt “takumi”

    Baked for a week in burning hot 800℃. Great for grilled meat, Yakitori (roast fish), rice balls, fries, pickles and salad dressings!

    100g list price 600Y + tax

  • Bamboo baked salt “kiwami”

    “kiwami” is baked in even hotter charcoal kiln at 1,000℃ for a week. It involves maintaining the right temperature, flames and controlled baking time delicately. The result is rock-hard salt that is filled with Master’s ultimate devotion and technique.

    100g list price 600Y + tax

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