3 year fermented soybean paste

What is 3 year fermented soybean paste?

Soybean paste is made by “Mushirokouji”, an old school method that is almost impossible to find these days.

Glory International proudly presents a 3 year fermented natural brewed soybean paste made with rice grown by enzyme farming and domestically produced soybeans.

The fermentation period is 10 to 20 times longer than that of general soybean paste. The color and taste of our soybean paste are beyond comparison. The activation of enzymes continues since there are no additives or preservatives. You can enjoy the rich aroma and profound flavor.

The soybean paste contains amino acids, vitamins, mineral as well as enzymes.


  • “Making ferment malt from the past”; recipe as far back as 1869

    MaruokaMishokouji is a ferment malt manufacturer located in Minocyo, Mitoyo city to the west of Kagawa prefecture. From its establishment in 1869, MaruokaMishokouji has been strictly preserving its unique ferment malt manufacturing technique of using Mushiro.

    Most traditional manufacturing techniques have been lost, but only Maruoka keeps following the traditional methods and closely follows the old recipes used since it was founded.

    Soybean paste made by skilled craftsman may well be called a masterpiece. Please savor real soybean paste with the highest quality.

  • Soybean paste is one of the traditional spices of Japan made of soybeans, salt and ferment malt.

    Introduced internationally, often called a “substitute for doctors” which amplifies the enormous amount of nutrients that soybean paste contains.

Product lineup

  • 3 year fermented soybean paste.

    soybean paste is made by a method known as “Mushirokouji”, an old school method that is almost impossible to find these days.

    150g list price 800Y + tax

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