Brown rice wine “Bigensetsu”

What is Bigensetsu?

Very rare wine made from brown rice.

Making wine out of brown rice is considered almost impossible because the reproduction of aspergilli is very hard when using brown rice.

Glory international together with Kawatsurusshuzo have succeeded in developing a technique that makes the reproduction of aspergilli on brown rice possible.

That is why we call it miraculous brown rice wine.

Please make sure to enjoy the smooth taste of brown rice wine. We assure you of a whole new taste compared to other existing Japanese liquors.


  • Carefully chosen water

    The taste of wine depends mainly on water. It is often noted that a place with a good water source certainly produces a premium wine. Water is one of the most important basic ingredients in liquor brewing. Bigensetsu uses “Muvanadis”, the subterranean water from the core of Mr. Fuji. Muvanadis contains about 34 kinds of minerals such as sillicon, zinc and vanadium. It also makes the taste of brown rice more distinguishable thanks to its soft water quality.

  • Carefully chosen rice

    Rice used in 3 manufacturing processes namely, malt making, yeast fermenting and no-filtering, is top of the line. Stubbornness on quality rice brings forth premium wine. The rice was grown by a Master of rice farming, Mr. Matsunaga Yukio of Kagawa prefecture which is famous for its enzyme farming technique. Thanks to its characteristic rice taste and rich nutrients, it was selected as a present for the king.

  • Chaffs of brown rice made aspergilli hard to reproduce on brown rice.

    Although ferment malt holds the key to the tasty Japanese liquors, so far, it was almost impossible to make one based on brown rice. Glory International however, has succeeded in developing a technique that makes the reproduction of aspergilli on brown rice possible through jointly working with Kawatsurusshuzo. The taste of brown rice based wine is one thing you should never miss as a wine lover.

Product lineup

  • Bigensetsu

    Rice (domestically produced), rice malt (from domestically produced rice), alcohol 17% BrewerKawatsurusshuzo inc. kagawaken kanonji-city Motodaicho 836

    500 ml list price 3,000Y + tax

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