Enzyme fermented foodstuffs black rice

What is black rice?

Black rice – product of an unwavering focus on “enzyme farming”

Black rice is well known for its richness in anthocyanin that acts effectively as an antioxidant along with calcium, magnesium, iron and niacin.

With the full cooperation of the farming Master, Mr. Matsunaga Yukio, Glory International cultivated black rice by employing his enzyme farming technique.

Please enjoy our black rice harvested from the nation’s most fertile land.

Product lineup

  • Black rice

    Ready for you at common purchase.

    200g list price 600Y + tax

  • Fastzyme rice 5kg (Brown rice (Hino hikari))

    We are preparing for customers’ common and regular purchase.

    List price 4,500Y + tax

  • 1 ㎏ Brown rice (Hino hikari) 1kg

    Item for newcomers
    We are preparing for common purchase.

    List price 1,000Y + tax

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