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What is Fastzyme apricot?

All ingredients for Fastzyme apricot are carefully selected.

Nankoubai from Kisyu are soaked in natural salt (kurosio) and seasoned for a thousand days under the scorching sun then pickled in a traditional recipe. All processes from cultivating, harvestingand pickling to a thousand day seasoning are conducted manually

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  • Organic JAS certified Kisyu Nankoubai

    The home of Japanese apricots, Kisyu produces top quality apricots that have a thin soft skin and thick flesh. They are considered to be the highest grade Japanese apricots

  • Pesticides-free Shiso

    Mt. Kisyu also produces quality Shiso with no use of pesticides.

  • Kisyu sea salt (Kurosio)

    Kurosio is salt obtained from Kisyu’s sea water by heating it for a month and drying it for a thousand days. Kurosio has the ocean’s mineral balance and mildness within salty taste.

  • Vegetable fermented beverage - Fastzyme

    Fastzyme is a vegetable lactobacillus beverage made from over 70 agricultural crops for more than 3 years of repeated ripen and fermentation. It not only contains enzymes but also vitamins, mineral, amino acids and phytochemical as well.

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