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What is Omega point?

Pure natural vitality

Rich aroma like nuts, clear green like an emerald ; Omega point
Various precious nutrients are condensed in this beautiful oil. Omega point is delicately produced and commercialized to deliver pure natural vitality within the seeds of hemp from Bama.

Since “Omega Point” has high antioxidant power, it’s easily oxidizable and susceptible to heat, air and ultraviolet rays. This is the reason we give high pressure on the seeds directly to squeeze oil rather than low-temperature pressure. We also don’t have a deodorize or decolorize process that might add artificial flavor or lose precious nutrients. Our package is just suitable for 1 dosage (5g in one pack) while preventing oxidization. One pack a day.

Secrets of Omega Point

  • Food for beauty and longevity- Bama Hemp Oil

    Even with its vast land and various ethnic grounds, Guangxi Autonomous County close to Vietnam is considered to be a very special place in China.

    The women of this tribe are known to have the most perfectly shaped faces and silky white skins. Also, Bama district of Guangxi Autonomous County is known as a “town of longevity” and has more population over 100 years of age who are still energetic and healthy than any other part of the country. The news of this statistical wonder had wide spread all over the continent and launched influx of tourists to this district.

    The locals claim their secret for the longevity and beauty is hemp seeds oil. The herbal ingredient helps internal organs’ function, promote health and maintain youth. Hemp seed is one of the representative materials that is regarded as medicine and food simultaneously.

    According to the field research, the elders in Bama district regularly take around 45g a day, 15 ~ 20 kg a year.

  • Lubricant for life and beauty

    • People easily associate oil or fat with a high calorie energy source or even as an enemy of dieting. However, ceramide that keeps our skin moist, as well as estrogen and progesterone are all lipids in nature. 60 trillion cells that make up human body need lipids to protect each cell membrane. Muscles and blood vessels cannot function properly without lipids. Fats are one of the most important nutrients that keep our life and beauty.
  • Lost in the process of evolution --- “Essential fatty acids

    You probably heard sayings like “take as much Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils as possible”. It is very familiar phrase but did you know why you should take them?

    The Human body is capable of synthesizing life supporting elements through everyday meals. In the case of certain elements however, such as vitamin C, cannot be generated within the human body in its own. Linoleic acids and α-linoleic acids also cannot be created within the human body as well as arachidonic acids. These fatty acids are essential part of maintaining health and that’s why they are called “essential fatty acids”. It’s crucial to keep supplying these fatty acids through supplements along with food.

    80% of hemp seeds oil is comprised of essential fatty acids. It contains linoleic acid (Omega 6), α-linoleic acid (Omega 3) and γ linoleic acid as well. Although γ linoleic acid can be composed within human body, the kinds of vegetable oils that supply linoleic acids are very limited to hemp seeds or evening primroses. Low concentration of γ linoleic acids due to cholesterol or alcohols may cause allergies and several atopic disorders. This component is widely used for treating these symptoms in Europe

    “Omega point” contains well-balanced essential fatty acids. It is an excellent vegetable oil source that supplements essential nutrition.

  • Balancing between Omega 3 and Omega 6

    Often times, scientific advancements and continuous research lead to surprising results. As a result of scientific research, things that are believed to be scientifically true may completely be proven wrong. A good example can be found in the case of the evaluation on linoleic acids.

    Linoleic acid rich vegetable oils including fafflower oil, corn oil and margarine are such a big hit as they are known to lower cholesterol level and to help body stay healthy. The popularity of these oils is reflected well in the cooking oil market. Majority of cooking oils today contains rich linoleic acids (Omega 6).

    Recent study shows however, that Omega 6 needs to be complemented by Omega 3 to maximize the effectiveness. The balanced ratio between Omega 3 and Omega 6 is known to be 1:2~4. Contrary to this finding, in modern Japan this ratio is rather distorted to 1:10. This off-balance between Omega 6 and Omega 3 might cause several side effects.

    Keeping the right balance between these two oils is another crucial part in staying healthy. Omega Point is an excellent choice with respect to maintaining this ideal ratio of 1:2~4 between Omega 6 and Omega 3.

    Essential fatty acids combination
    Omega 3 Omega 6 balance
    Hemp seed 20 56 1:3
    Flax seed oil 58 14 4:1
    Sunflower oil 1 71 1:71
    soybean oil 8 54 1:8
    Sesame oil 1 45 1:45
    Oilve oil 1 9 1:9
    Butter 1 3 1:3
    Lard 1 9 1:9

    Sources from : research institute of flax species

Product lineup

  • OMEGA POINT (Bama hemp seed oil)
    Easy pack, readily edible in one gulp 1 pack a day

    5g * 15 packs list price 2,800Y + tax

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