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What is Fz Pro-bio JARRAH HONEY?

A crystallized honey that is a fantastic combination of JARRAH HONEY ( gathered from deep natural forests with no chemical traces) and Fastzyme.

Active JARRAH HONEY (Eucalyptus honey) is obtained from Western Australian eucalyptus trees which are popularly used in aroma therapy. These trees grow wildly in the Australian nature reserve deserts. Fz Pro-bio JARRAH HONEY uses raw honey that is verified for safety, taste and antibiosis by the Australian government’s research institution.

Fz Pro-bio JARRAH HONEY contains 100% pure honey with no additives just as the bees make it. We only filtered it to combine with fastzyme.


  • Comes specially from “the place of world’s cleanest and healthiest honey bees” – JARRAH HONEY has a high antibacterial content.

    Western Australia is the largest state in Australia, reaching 2,400km from north to south with a size of over 2.5 million square meters (7 times larger than the size of Japan). The climate condition varies from a northern tropical climate to a southern temperate climate. Perth, the capital city of Western Australia has a Mediterranean climate where there is no heavy snow or severe cold during winter. It is located in the Southern Hemisphere and is a major supplier of fresh agricultural products for the cities in the Northern Hemisphere. It is one of the cleanest agricultural regions in the world with no significant harmful insects infestations. It has a very dry environment with low humidity in addition to very strict quarantine inspection regulations. The center of Western Australia is mainly comprised of desert and this desert naturally prevents the spread of vermin from the east coast. This desert forms a natural isolation area. Since it is bounded in the west by the Indian Ocean, 8,000kms of expanse to the east and the Antarctic to the south, the state enjoys plenty of unpolluted air and a clean water supply.

  • Use of Fastzyme!

    JARRAH HONEY contains vegetable lactobacillus beverage, Fastzyme, which was made from over 70 agricultural crops for more than 3 years of repeated ripen and fermentation. Enjoy sweet taste as well as well-balanced nutrients such as amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

  • Glory International Inc. complies with strict quality control procedures.

    The supplier of honey, KissBee, also adheres to quality control measures by the standard of SQF2000 in accordance with HACCP. Every employee is responsible for the quality of their product in order to maintain the purest form of honey. 100% customer satisfaction is their one and only objective.

    At Glory International, we are always ready to listen to whatever comments our customers have.

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