8 secrets of the CELLPROTECT Series

    • 1.
    • In the relentless pursuit of true beauty we focus on the strength of one's skin
    It is well-known that it takes about 28 days for human skin cells to reproduce themselves. Managing human skin reproduction rhythm that can be easily disturbed by age, ultraviolet and dryness to its right track is very important element in skin care.
    “CELLPROTECT” pays special attention to the nurturing of essential stem cells in order to maintain the inherent strength of human skin. Raise your power of bare skin and lead to skin which have full of vitality.
    • 2.
    • 「Blue Green Algae stem cell components」※2 act on the skin stratum corneum and give your skin elasticity and moisture
    • Elastic fibers such as elastin and collagen exist as a series of net knots on human skin tissue and decrease with age, eventually causing wrinkles and sagging.
      Glory International’s unique technique of fermented and low molecular「Blue Green Algae stem cell components」※2has been proven to be a very effective 「aging care」※3 component.
    • 3.
    • Algae from over 3.5billion years ago contain both animal and plant DNA. NASA itself has shown great interest in the various kinds nutirients found in Blue Green Algae.
    Blue green algae is very rare organism that has both animal and plant characteristics. While it grows through photosynthesis, its structure consists of cell walls (peptidoglycan) that are similar to animal cells. About 65~70% of Blue green algae is composed of protein. It also contains 89 nutrients that are essential for human life including 50 kinds of minerals, 13 vitamins and 20 amino acids. Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon, U.S. is famous for the blue green algae blooms.
    • 4.
    • Well-balanced Omega 3 and Omega 6
    Blue green algae contains a large amount of fatty acids which are commonly found in algae inhabiting cold regions. It is important that unsaturated fatty acid that cannot be generated in the human body are well balanced. Blue green algae contains well-balanced Omega 3 and Omega 6.
    • 5.
    • Raw material, Blue Green Algae has been organically certified.
    • Glory International only uses blue green algae that has been certified by the US Department of Agriculture and has been Oregon Tilth Certified Organic as raw material for our CELLPROTECT.
      Upper Klamath lake in Oregon, U.S is managed by the U.S. government as an environmental protection zone. The stability of the lake is well guaranteed.
    • 6.
    • Antioxidant reaction and ultraviolet ray block
    Chlorophyll rich blue green algae is fermented into a low molecular weight compound in order to maximize polyphenol reaction.
    The double power of antioxidant reaction and ultraviolet ray protection bring out youthful and clear in your skin."
    • 7.
    • Added brown algae extraction from the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean
    By adding brown algae extraction, CELLPROTECT reinforces moisturization that leads to a beautiful skin having moistness.
    • 8.
    • Provide components gentle to skin.
    No preservatives (methylparaben, phenoxyethanol) , artificial coloring or chemical fragrances. Perfectly safe for sensitive skins.
    (“BgCELL Bio cellulose mask”, “BgCELL resetter cleansing milk” use small amount of preservatives (methylparaben,phenoxyethanol)

Most up-to-date aging care※3 cosmetics by Glory International’s unique technique

We suggest programs of genuine skin aging care※3 which maximizes the effects of 「Blue Green Algae stem cell components」※2 Based on the most advanced skin science.

  • [Facial]
    The program for restoring a function of the skin decline with age.

    We recommend the program for people who have skin dullness,sagging of the face, looks older, dryness around eyes and fine wrinkles by damages from aging and ultraviolet rays.

    Loosening up tightened facial muscles to smooth out lymphatic flow and then apply skin reproduction component for effective absorption You can experience moisturized and bouncy youthful skin with just one treatment.

    (60 minute / 90 minute program)

  • [Body]
    The program for restoring biorhythm by promoting the circulation of blood and removing waste.

    We recommend the program for people who are looking for firm body or have cellulite flabs on belly, thighs and hips.

    Use BgCELL body treatment oil for the whole body massage. Intense massage stroke help to relive muscles stiffness and have effect on the removal of waste. Absorption of good quality oil into your skin will give rise to a slimming effect and beautiful skin.

    (60 / 90 minute program)


    The genuine aging care※3 program that recovers the function of the skin decline with age.

    This program is recommended for people with skin dullness, sagging skin, dryness and distinctive fine wrinkles around eyes caused by damages from ultraviolet rays and aging.

    This treatment improve the whole blood circulation and lymph flow of the body and provide the skin transparency. A special massaging technique balances your face symmetrically resulting in sharp face line. What’s essential in aging care※3 is moisturizing.

    15 minut esfacial pack would give enough moist on your skin and then use the cream to seal in moisture on your skin stratum corneum.

    This program works directly on skin cells※1 to make moist,fresh,youthful, elastic skin.


    The program for restoring biorhythm by promoting the circulation of blood and removing waste.

    We recommend the program for people who are looking for firm body or have cellulite on belly, thighs and hips. The whole body massage is given using BgCELL body treatment oil while adjusting circulation of lymph. The massage focuses on those body parts that are susceptible to flabs. Our aim is to regulate the biorhythm and to shape up body lines and you can feel completely relaxed.

    • Dr. Yamada Mina

      Graduated from Tokyo Women’s Medical University. A certified dermatologist of the Japanese Dermatological Association. Doctor of Medicine. She acquired her PhD on the research of human papillomavirus. During her tenure in Tokyo Women’s Medical University, She treated outpatients with urticarial problems.

      She is director of the Yotsuya 3 chome dermatologist. She treats various skin diseases and dermal stains, mole, depilation by laser.
  • ※1 Skin cells mean skin stratum corneum
  • ※2 It is Bacillus/ Monascus purpureus/(Aphanizomenon flos-aquae)Rice bran fermented liquid contains Blue green algae stem cells.
  • ※3 Aging care mean the care of the skin according to age.

Product lineup

[Series for retail sales]

  • BgCELL Pure Moist Serum 30 ampules
    The essence of ampule type package for fresh use.

    2ml X 30 ampules

  • BgCELL Pure Moist Serum 5 ampules
    5 day trial serum

    2ml X 5 ampules

  • BgCELL Liftrain Cream
    Massage and Moisturizing cream.


[Professional Series]

  • BgCELL Resetter Cleansing Milk
    Remove makeup and dirts from skin texture and supplies the skin moisture.


  • BgCELL Resetter Lotion
    Wipe-off lotion improving skin texture and remove dead skin cells.


  • BgCELL Pure First Milk
    Water soluble first milk. Use after washing your face.


  • BgCELL Pure Essence
    Tighten Pores, improve skin elasticity and brightness.


  • BgCELL Liftrain Cream
    Massage and Moisturizing cream.


  • BgCELL Bio Cellulose Mask
    A Nano-level delicate mask that having a high adhesion.

    20ml X 30 sheets

  • BgCELL Pure Moist Eye Cream
    Moisturizing sensitive skin around eyes, it will make your eye look younger.


  • BgCELL Deep Moist Cream
    Super moist finishing cream.


  • BgCELL Body Treatment Oil
    Slimming body Oil. Help get rid of cellulite.


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