fastzyme energy

What is fastzyme energy?

Fastzyme energy is based on vegetable lactobacillus fermented liquid that is made from more than 70 kinds of crops fermented for 3 and a half years. Fresh fermented abstracts are also added during the fermentation period. The enzyme stock solution not only contains rich components such as fermented substances, lactic acid bacteria, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals, but is blended with black maca, ginger, turmeric and zinc feast. We develop it with the awareness of vitality and health necessary for modern people.


Over 70 kinds of carefully selected ingredients

prune, Japanese apricot, yuzu(Japanese lemon), strawberry, apple, iyokan(Japanese citrus), grapes, fig, persimmon, kiwi, tangerine, lemon, five-leaf akebia, crimson glory vine, red bayberry, rubus buergeri, blue berry, black berry, bramble, Chinese quince, peach, Asian pear, silverberry, pumpkin, carrot, Japanese mugwort, cabbage, kale, spinach, Japanese radish, eggplant, red Shiso, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, bitter melon, Japanese mustard spinach, green pak choi, brassica rapa, turmeric, Japanese mallotus, chinese Plantain, young barley leaves, sasa Veitchii, edible burdock, field Horsetail, (Japanese) loquat leaves, Broccoli, nalta jute, angelica shikokiana, parsley, Japanese parsley, celery, lotus root, Japanese honeywort, myoga(Japanese ginger), asparagus, ginger, shiitake mushroom, reishi mushroom, jew's ear fungus, hen of the woods, kombu(kelp), wakame(seaweed), fucus, kelp root, hijiki(seaweed), soybean, cocoa, sweet corn, rice bran, brown rice, brown sugar, oligosaccharide.

Lactic acid bacteria of various genera gathered from world~Probiotic effect~

Fastzyme Energy® has blended with various kinds of vegetable lactic acid bacteria carefully selected from all over the world.

Probiotic effect

Fastzyme Energy® is daringly combined with oligosaccharides as food for good bacteria in the intestines.

Safe and secure (no residual pesticide · no harmful metal), no additives

All residual pesticides in vegetables and fruits and so on used for raw materials are below the standard value。We also do radio activity checks。Also, hazardous metals such as arsenic, cadmium, mercury, etc. have no problems and safety has been confirmed。Just feel free to keep drinking every day because we do not use any antiseptics and do pH adjustment with apple cider vinegar.

New approach!Another three ingredients added to Fastzyme Energy!

“Ginger” for your youth
Not only in Japan, ginger has also been cultivated all over the world, and has been used as herbal medicine and as food for generations.
Since ancient times, doctors in China and India have valued ginger as a medicine that acts as a “ideal drug”, warm the body, stimulates digestion, and eases pain. The main ingredients, zingerone and shogool, are known for improving circulation and for having a bactericidal effect. The cool sensation, spicy flavor, and aroma of ginger provide a taste that is easy to drink.

“Black Maca” for your energy
Maca is a turnip-shaped root that is grown high-altitude in the Andes of Peru.
Maca is has been cultivated and valued for its abundant nutrients since about 2000 years ago.Out of the three types, black, red and yellow, black maca is a rarity that only makes up 3 to 5 percent of cultivated maca picked, and it is referred to as the “magic maca”.From the black maca that is cultivated, the highest quality maca is used, taken from harsh lands at 4,000m above sea level, and the nutrients from the land are not lost.Black maca contains a proper balance of primary nutrients, proteins, essential and amino acids, and an abundance of minerals, vitamins B, vitamins C, vitamins E, iron, zinc, and calcium. It is promising consume black maca can expect increased memory and concentration, in addition to revitalization, increased energy, and recovery from exhaustion.

“Turmeric” for antioxidation
Turmeric is a ginger plant native to India, the It is called “ukon” in Japan. Since the distant past, the components of turmeric have been used for spices, medicine, and dyes. Turmeric is rich in polyphenol. Also, it is said that curcumin promotes bile secretion and helps liver functions; curcumin has been used as a Chinese herbal medicine for generations. In addition, you can expect a free-radical suppressing effect.

Also! Featured mineral zinc: the power of "zinc yeast"
Zinc is an ingredient that receives attention as a mineral necessary for the promotion of metabolism, maintenance and formation of cells, and the vitalization of enzymes inside the body. Natural oysters, liver, and grains contain a lot of zinc. However, because of our current natural environment and the water pollution, there is the worry of simultaneously ingesting toxic metals, such as arsenic, when consuming these foods. Fastzyme Energy is combined with zinc yeast, which is added zinc to living yeast. The yeast that is used is very close to natural materials, and it is also the kind used in making beer and wine. Because this yeast is produced using a special technique, it is brought to you with the safety and security of there being no residue of toxic metals in the raw materials.


About Fastzyme Energy®

Q1 where is the stocking up place of Fastzyme Energy®?

A1 In a factory in Kibichuo (formerly Kayocho), a part of the Kibi Plateau in Okayama Prefecture, Fastzyme Energy is produced in the clean-aired Kibi Plateau, a hillock 300-500 meters high and suitable for fermentation, using approximately 70 types of ingredients, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, and wild grasses grown organically by contracted farmers suburbs Okayama Prefecture.

Q2 How to drink?

A2 You can drink it whenever you want. However, the way we recommend is 30ml per day between meals, in the morning and before going to bed. You can drink it as it is, with water or sparkling water. You may drink Fastzyme Energy multiple times within a day.
Also, we recommend drinking Fastzyme Energy during fasting periods.

Product lineup

  • Fastzyme Energy® 720ml

    Instead of energy drinks, you are drinking energy full of youth!!
    Retail price 8,500 JPY

  • Fastzyme Energy® 10ml * 30 each

    Portable pouch type
    List price 5,000 + tax

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