fast beauty bar

What is fast beauty bar?

Nutritious and low calorie!

Based on the know-how of fermentation, fast beauty bar is made from the concept of fermentation aesthetics
It is not only delicious but made from raw materials of superfoods and products of our company for your nutrition supply with effect of beauty.

Carefully selected 10 kinds of superfood


Vegetable lactic acid bacteria beverage made from more than 70n kinds of raw materials fermented for three and a half years. It is blended with various plant-derived lactobacillus from all of the world. Also additives, perfumes, or preservatives are not used.

Omega point: bama hemp seed nuts

Hemp seed nuts is brought up in a natural rich place in Bama area, one of "the world's 5 biggest longevity village". It is a nutritious super food including essential fatty acids, 20 kinds of amino acids, Dietary fiber, Mineral (zinc · copper · iron · magnesium) and vitamin E (γ-tocopherol) and so on.

Fastzyme rice (brown rice)

We spend a lot of time and effort in planting rice on the land where pesticide-free cultivation is conducted for 20 years.
For fastzyme farming, nutrients and fibers are richly included such as vitamin and mineral materials. Besides, it is selected for e Emperor's Foundation in 2005

Black tempe

Fermented food of soybean which is eaten in Indonesia over 400 years ago.
It uses black soybean from Hokkaido Tokachi, and contains not only good quality protein but also vitamin B group, essential amino acids, dietary fiber, minerals and so on. In particular, black soybeans are rich in ingredients that women are happy such as anthocyanins and estrogens.

Chia seed

When it is immersed in water, it becomes hydrous and change to gel form. So when you eat it swells in your belly and you have a good stomach. And Chia seed attracts attention as a diet material. It contains 18 kinds of amino acids, protein, calcium, iron content and so on. It is also a super food abundant with Alpha-linolenic acid (Omega 3).


A nutritional supplement food t, eaten during the fasting of Islam, and also said to be Arab's beauty food. Many dietary fibers are included and effective for improving intestinal action and constipation.


Minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron for potassium, copper and magnesium are included.
Vitamin A and vitamin C are also contained are anticipated for antioxidation.


It is rich in plenty of nutritial elements such as vitamin A, iron, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals that are effective for both beauty and health.


Medium chain fatty acid contained in oil promotes fat burning. Anti-aging, improvement of intestinal environment, abundant dietary fiber and nutrition also have the effect of increasing immunity.

Agave Syrup

Because of low blood sugar level increase index, it also contains oligosaccharides and water-soluble dietary fiber which are difficult to raise blood glucose level (low GI ingredients), so it is effective for improving intestinal environment.

Sugar and animal raw materials not used! Only good for body materials were collected!!

No addition, no coloring, gluten free, eating method is various!

・before and after fasting
・a little hungry and during dieting period
・instead of breakfast when you are busy
・Person who tends to be disturbed in eating habits

Product lineup

  • Fast beauty bar®

    Deliciousness that you want to eat every day! Fast beauty bar is made from more than 10 kinds of carefully selected raw materials inducing super foods.

    One package [10sticks (30g each)] retail price 3000 JPY (tax exclusion)

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