vibow tea

What is vibow tea?

Vibow tea was created based on “fermentation aesthetics” for your inner beauty. This fermented herbal tea series use carefully selected materials and fermented materials. In order to become beautiful, you should make your bowel clean first. We hope your bowel become clean that’ why we made this product.
Glory International ×Pharmaceutical company×Chashi joint development

Using fermented materials

Oxidative fermented African tea is used as the base, also is used half fermented Dongfang Meiren, Goishi-cha which is very rare fermented tea, pu-erh tea, fermented ginger, fermented black onion, sake lees and so on.

Using fastzyme fermented abstract

“Fastzyme” is a fermented plant lactobacillus drink. Over 70 carefully selected kinds of ingredients are fermented for more than 3years and half. The fermented liquid which is the base of Fastzyme has been blended with Vibow tea. Low-molecular nutrients by long term fermentation are very rich.

Vibow tea series

VI-TOX(84 kinds of raw materials)

This detox tea is blended the rare Taiwanese oolong tea “Dongfang Meiren” (Half fermented tea ) called as Oriental Beauty in the Occident, flavor oolong tea, detox materials and fermented materials. High quality candle bush, fermented bagasse, moonflower fruit, etc. will support you who concern about body line and lack of dietary fiber.The recommended usage frequency is a cup per day.

VI-AGING (84 kinds of raw materials)

Camellia sinensis which grows right on the equator having anti-oxidant power in order to protect themselves from strong sunlight. The base of this teas are African tea (oxidative fermentation) and rooibos tea from South Africa, also we added hibiscus, honey bush, red vine leaf which is having anti-oxidative effect, Japanese traditional Goishi-cha. This herb tea is for aging care. Sweet fruity aroma, and it taste equally good, hot or iced.

VI-FAST (86 kinds of raw materials)

Moringa, known as “miracle tree”. And it contains around 90 kind of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and so on. The base of this tea is moringa leaf, also we added Kintoki ginger and fermented ginger which helps the body stay warm, aquino hemerocallis fulva which is having relaxation effect, chamomile, sake lees and so on. This is caffeine-free tea. You can drink it for your day-to-day body maintenance and for fasting since the bamboo roast salt have been blended in a perfect balance.


About Vibow tea

Q1 It is ok to let a child drink?
A1 Vitox is refreshing tea. So it is better for a child to avoid drinking it.
There is no other problem, but please be careful of raw materials allergies etc.

Q2 I am taking medicine, but are there any problems?
A2 Basically speaking, it is food, so there is no problem, but some herbs may affect drug efficacy so please consult with a doctor or pharmacist before drinking.

Product lineup


Detox / bowel movements improvement

flavored with citrus fragrance faintly, blended with "Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea" and "Vietnam Candle Bush" which are said to be tea leaves close to rare among Oolong tea in Taiwan.

  • 【for trial use3g×15bags】
    retail price2,500JPY +tax


[Anti-aging · beautiful skin]

Herbal tea blended with antioxidant rooibos, diuretic tea leaves, beautiful skin effect tea leaves, female hormone up material. To a body that does not rust.

  • 【for trial use2g×15bags】
    retail price2,500JPY +tax


[Fasting and relax]

Non-caffeine type that can be drunk during fasting. 
It also contains relaxing herbs that suppress basal metabolism and irritability on hunger by warming effect of ginger etc. at the same time. Think of prevention such as headache during fasting, also incorporate bamboo salt.

  • 【for trial use3g×15bags】
    retail price2,500JPY +tax

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