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What is Fastzyme Alpha?

We use more than 70 types of crops fermented for 3.5 years with plant-based lactobacillus fermentation liquid、it is combined with biotin called beauty vitamin.
It is the drink for those who want to be beautiful from the tip of the head to the tip of the nail.
It is specially designed for hairdressing.

What is biotin?

Biotin is a vitamin B group, and it helps with metabolic energy. It helps keep healthy skin, mucous membranes, hair and so on, and it is an indispensable nutrient for human beings to stay healthy.
The carboxylase, which biotin helps as a coenzyme, plays a major role in the metabolism of amino acids. It becomes a source of energy along with sugar and fat together. It also becomes a source in each part of the body when synthesizing protein such as collagen and keratin. It is a highly safe vitamin prescribed in dermatology for activating cells that produce skin, and normalizing skin turnover by eliminating unnecessary waste out of the body.

Biotin is also produced in the body by intestinal bacteria. Likewise, it functions when taken out of food, but we do not know how much biotin is produced. Although it is thought that deficiency does not fundamentally occur, it is still difficult for people who consume a lot of alcohol, people who smoke a lot, people who are on an unbalanced diet to produce it. Due to the biotin deficiency, gray hair, hair loss, eczema and inflammation, skin symptoms, conjunctivitis, muscle pain, fatigue, anorexia, etc. might appear, so that this is one of the vitamins you want to intentionally take for beauty and health.

The daily intake of biotin is 50.0 ㎍ for both male and female. Fastzyme α (30 ml) already is designed for you to ingest 50.0 ㎍ contained.
* It is said that it will not be a problem because it is discharged outside the body even when you overdose.

Recommended with Mt. Fuji Water

"Zinc" contained in Mt. Fuji water is a mineral that helps with cell regeneration and metabolism. Since zinc works together with biotin, it promotes the synthesis and cell division of proteins that produce hair, so it is essential for the hair production

Biotin yeast is used for Fastzyme α

Considered as natural food, biotin yeast is a raw material that uses technology that converts it into a form where it is metabolized.
It has been clinically demonstrated that bioavailability is excellent and its toxicity is low!

Product lineup

Fastzyme Alpha

  • Fastzyme Alpha is blended with Fastzyme and biotin yeast called beauty vitamin

    Contents amount 720 ml
    SRP 9,000 yen + (tax)

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