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Tempe potage

With the power of medicinal cooking, it is designed to produce the energy and the beauty on the inside

Potage made from tempe (soy bean fermentation food product)

Tempe is a fermentation food product made by Tempe fungus, a type of mildew. Tempe is called “Indonesian Natto” and contains quality protein, vitamin B, amino acid, dietary fiber, and mineral. Not only that but also antioxidant, whitening effect, and antiallergic effect have been observed.
Tempe potage is made from Tempe and is made into potage, and by doing so, it becomes very enjoyable even for your stomach and body.

Supervised by Taniguchi, a food researcher

Momoyo Taniguchi is the food researcher who supervised it. She has received the Guruman world cooking book award for “health cooking section” and “diet cooking section” and others.

Beneficial raw materials


Tempe is a fermentation food product made by Tempe fungus, a type of mildew.
Not only high nutrients but also anti-oxidants, whitening effect, and anti-allergic effect can be expected.


Βcarotene (vitamin A) are abundant in pumpkins, and this vegetable that curbs those diseases such as catching a cold from manifesting by inactive immunity.


Iron, potassium, folic acid, niacin, vitamin B, dietary fiber, saponin and so on are abundant in nutmeg, and is expected to improve anemia, sensitivity to cold, constipation, and swollenness.

White fungus

β glucan contented in white fungus is expected to activate the cells involved in immune system which leads to a better immunity and provides more moisture than hyaluronic acid.

Lycii fructus

An abundant vitamin C is contained in it that is utilized from 3,000 years ago in China, and anti-oxidants of polyphenol and carotenoid prevents the cells from aging.

Japanese basil

Supposedly, this is the oldest herb in Japan, and it has a wide range of applications such as perspiration, expectorant, and cough medicine. Especially the leave contains substantial amount of carotene (vitamin A).

Salt burned in a bamboo

Salt in a bamboo was burnt at 1,000 degrees Celsius for a week and has a high performance in oxidative decomposition and is expected to rejuvenate the oxidized cells.


Anti-oxidant effect and anti-aging effect to rejuvenate the cells can be expected. It is also designed to comfort your fatigue, your sensitivity to cold, stiff neck, rough skin, swollenness, obesity and so on are the efficacies.

Pine nut

So much oil is contained in it, and its omega 3 and pinolenic acid are supposed to heal allergy and eczema. Also it contains folic acid, iron, and zinc.

Mt. Fuji spring water

Lead by Zinc, silicon, and vanadium, about 34 types of minerals are in good balance, and this is beneficial to human life.

Hemp seed

It is one of the Chinese herbal medicine, a super food that contains essential fat acid, amino acid, vitamin E, zinc, magnesium in good balance.

Tear grass

It improves the rough and dry skin, and swollenness, and has a whitening effect.


In old times of China and India, this is considered medicine to warm up your body, promote the digestion, comfort the pain and is also prized.

Recommended way of eating

If you are to eat every day, add some spices such as curry powder, cinnamon powder, etc. or you can even make it a little heavier by adding small pieces of rice cake and heat it up in the hot pot.

Product line-up

  • Soy bean fermentation food that has an abundant protein is blended with 8 types of Chinese herbs, and is made into soup.
    Content 18g x 12 bags
    SRP JPY 6,000 + tax

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