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Fastzyme SLIM

Fastzyme Slim assists you maintain weight loss deliciously.

Fastzyme Slim is a plant-lactobacillus fermented extracts beverage which is made with over 70 kinds of vegetables and fruits which have been fermented for three years and half, and some young fresh fermented extracts added. Slim was created paying special attention to maintenance of your health and effectively burning fat by adding those specialties of Mulberry leaf extracts, L-Carnitine and Catechin. Daily use of the product Slim keeps inside of your body healthy and beautiful.

Carefully selected 3 ingredients bring you fabulous results.

Inhibition of carbohydrate absorption
“Mulberry leaf extracts”

It restrains your body from excessive consumption of calorie, and from rapidly increasing of blood sugar number after taking meals. It also regulates the functions of bowels.

Burning fats

A component among green tea leaf which has an effect against absorption of fats and cholesterols taken from meals.

Boost your metabolism in blood flow improvement
“Camellia Japonica Seed Extract”

Camellia seed extract is an extract from seeds that mature at the same time of the buds broom in spring, and are aged over half a year.
Improvement of blood flow by drinking and heat effects have been reported, so increased metabolism could be expected.

Remarkable Point!!

Fastzyme Slim regulates the functions of the intestines.

When a mulberry leaf and catechin meet lactobacillus in your bowel, they synergize each other to improve their effects.

What’s more!Limon & Lime

They have detox effect, and resolving problem of stodginess. Citric acid improves metabolic activity and recovery effect on exhaustion. Its aroma comforts you while being stressed out on diet.

Product lineup

  • Fastzyme SLIM® 720ml

    Be wise to take living nutrition.

    List price 8,500 JPY + tax

  • FastzymeIO® 10ml * 30 each

    Portable pouch type

    List prices 5,000 JPY + tax

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