Enzyme fermented beverages

Fastzyme Plus (exclusively for consultative selling)

Ionized BG fermented solution · Zinc yeast · Counseling monopoly containing water soluble silicon

This is Fastzyme incorporating ionized blue green algae fermentation liquid, zinc-enriched yeast, water-soluble silicon and requires consultative sales, so that it is mandatory to take a product knowledge training before selling.

The one and only ionized blue green algae fermentation liquid in the world is contained.

Blue green algae, super food, is made up of 70% protein, and it abundantly contains vitamins, minerals, fat acid, amino acids and so on (89 types of nutrients), which are vital for human life activities.

This is the world’s oldest living creatures, and it has such a unique characteristic whose DNA is both animal and plant-based. NASA (USA space agent) has also produce a space food out of this special ingredient. We use our own technologies to make full use of the power of blue green algae by ionizing. It gets absorbed in your system without any burdens due to the special form of the liquid.

Focus on zinc, essential for metabolism

Zinc is one of the minerals, essential for promoting metabolism, forming, maintaining the cells, and activating the internal enzymes.

This Fastzyme, enzyme drink contains zinc-enriched yeast that incorporates zinc into yeast. It almost has zero external pollutant factors, and exists in the form that is very close to the nature. The yeast used in it is also utilized in brewing wine and beer, so that it is very safe. It is produced by the unique technologies and is originated from the raw materials without any residual objects.

Focus on the silicon, which might decrease as getting aged

Silicon is the element that you must take a little of because it cannot be formed within the body.

Also, you must take it consciously because the ability to store it within the body weakens as you get older.

Tons of them are contained in lymph, pancreas, kidney, and lungs, and every single one of 60 trillion cells are composed of it.

These are essential to maintaining your skin, healthy, and youthful body eternally because they can prevent the aging blood vessels, and the oxidizing in the intestines which are the causes of aging and diseases.

This very product contains 99% purity of silica burnt at 2,000 degree Celsius and is blended with water soluble silicon which is extracted in a unique technique (patent technology)

Product line up

  • Fastzyme 900ml (exclusively for consultative selling)
    Regular Fastzyme incorporates ionized blue green algae fermentation liquid, zinc-enriched yeast, water-soluble silicon.
    JPY 15,000 + tax

  • Fastzyme 10ml x 30 sachets
    Compact type of Fastzyme, easy to take anytime at home or on the go.
    JPY 6,000 + tax

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