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The Philosophy

The Philosophy

The Art of Fermentation The certain method based on aesthetics to the beauty andhealth of modern people.The Art of Fermentation The certain method based on aesthetics to the beauty andhealth of modern people.

The Art of Fermentation

You are what you eat

Are you concerned about your own health?​
Do you have loved ones battling illness?​
Do you hope to maintain your health for those you care about, or wish the same for them?​
Do you dream of a long, healthy life for yourself and your dear ones too?​

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, welcome to the Glory International Maze.
At the same time, the name suggests a puzzle, fear not. As you navigate our maze, you’ll uncover solutions, finding answers to your health concerns. When you find your way out, your wishes for health and longevity might just be within reach.

The Story of Glory

We, at Glory International Co., Ltd., were established in Japan in 2005. Our journey began with a simple product: a bottle of water. While all water may appear transparent and identical, its composition varies greatly. Factors such as its source, pH, hardness, and mineral content make each water unique. One striking fact that both inspires and saddens us is this: some people can heal themselves by drinking water, while others, elsewhere in the world, can fall sick from it. This paradox fueled our curiosity.​

After conducting extensive research on waters from around the globe with professional researchers, we discovered that the right water can profoundly affect human health. Consequently, we shifted our focus to introducing mineral water from Mt. Fuji, renowned for its well-balanced essential minerals. Our hope was to bring relief to those suffering from health ailments. For the initial years, we believed wholeheartedly in our mission. But our contentment was short-lived when we encountered a significant concern: food.​

The modern diet includes various tempting foods, but many contain chemicals—preservatives, artificial colors, hazardous metals, radiation, pesticides, and more. Over time, these chemicals can build up in the body, particularly in the intestine, obstructing the absorption of essential nutrients. In essence, we recognized the futility of investing in nutritional supplements without first addressing this internal blockade. Our primary objective now is to break down these barriers, improve gut health, and set the stage for genuine well-being.​

Glory International Story