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The Philosophy

The Philosophy

The Art of Fermentation The certain method based on aesthetics to the beauty andhealth of modern people.The Art of Fermentation The certain method based on aesthetics to the beauty andhealth of modern people.

The Art of Fermentation

You are what you eat

Do you have any concerns on your own health?
Do you have anyone close to you suffering from sickness and diseases?
Do you wish to live longer in good shape for someone who you care?
Do you wish someone who you care to live healthily to enjoy their lives?

If so, you are a right person to be lost in here at Glory International maze.
However, there is nothing to worry about, we will direct you to find a way out of the maze and by the time you do so, you will come to idea of solution on your concerns and your wish will come true.

The Story of Glory

We, Glory International Co., Ltd., has established in Japan at 2005, and “A bottle of water” is where we started from. Water look the same just like transparent, but they are not the same inside. It differs based on where it comes from and in its pH, hardness, mineral volumes and so on.What is interesting which sometimes feels very happy about and sometimes feels very sad about is; People can cure themselves by drinking water while other people at the other side of the earth can suffer from disease also by drinking water. This is the fact that has boosted our curiosity. We did a lot of researches on water found all over the world in deeper level with some professional researchers and have figured out that water could solve many problems on people’s health as long as you choose right one. Ever since, we focused on introducing mineral water of Mt.Fuji which contains well-balanced minerals that are essential to human body, wishing to cure the people who suffer. For the first few years, we did not have any doubts in doing this, and the truth is, still nothing is wrong with it. However, the happy feeling of introducing the water only lasted until we have soon encountered a critical concern, which is “Food” . There are countless foods in variety. They are so tasty and tempting us from many angles in every single moment we are awake. The most of foods nowadays are inevitably contained chemicals such as preservatives, artificial coloring, hazardous metals, radiations, agrichemicals, etc. Those chemicals could accumulate inside of your body and build up the wall against “villi” in intestine where absorbs all the nutrients from. Frankly speaking, we have realized that it makes it all meaningless to spend a lot of money for taking nutritionally valuable supplements unless you break the wall. Now what we firstly need is breaking the walls and improve intestinal environment, and we can finally get ready to become healthy as we are supposed to be.

We are focusing on relationship in people at a deeper level. It is not about instant communication, not about superficial conversation, but connecting each other to build up long lasting relationship to become as forever friends. We are always transparent to you and there is nothing to hide about. Let’s break the wall together to make our future life more enjoyable and long-lasting in healthy body and state of mind.

Glory International Story