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Enzyme Fasting

Enzyme Fasting

What is enzyme fasting?

Enzyme fasting is a method of resetting your body clean with fasting drink. You are able to deliver essential nutrients including glucose by fasting drink safely to your body. Fasting is recommended for 3 days but it will also be effective for 1 day or even a half day which the most of you could dare to spend time without foods.

Importance of enzyme

Enzyme works not only for digestion but also for all the vital activity such as breathing, moving muscles etc. You can’t live without enzyme ability.

Enzyme stands for both: Digestive enzyme and Metabolic enzyme

In recent years of research, it has been realized that production amount of enzyme is different between people. Enzyme is categorized as digestive enzyme and metabolic enzyme. Digestive enzyme literally works for digestion and metabolic enzyme is for the following purposes:

Activate delivery of essential nutrients to cells in body
Eliminate hazardous substances with perspiration and urine
Repair weakened part in body
Strengthen immunity

Fasting facilitates activation of enzyme

Digestion is the most consume part for enzyme. Once limit the use, metabolic activates effectively. Once metabolic is activated it rise immunity and detox function that you become strong against virus and disease and improve repair ability in cell level.

Modern people overuse their internal enzymes !?

One of the causes of this crisis can be attributed to a lack of health knowledge. In modern medicine, we have the idea of dealing with disease once we get sick. However, on the other hand, there is the idea that “a diseased egg (the first change that occurs in the body) should be dealt with first.” Which way of thinking is necessary for true health? A sick egg (the first change in the body) is a small change in cells. Being able to reset cells when this change is small is necessary to obtain true health and to “live a full and vibrant life every day, not limited to illness or weakness”.

Circadian rhythm

Enzyme works not only for digestion but also for all the vital activity such as breathing, moving muscles etc. You can’t live without enzyme ability.

Guide to Intermittent Fasting

“10” Benefits you can expect by Fasting

  • Immunity Improvement

    Activating leucocyte improves immunity

  • Fat-Combustion

    Improved immunity functions to burn flab and that loses your weight

  • Liver Purification

    Resting activation of liver function improves detox action

  • Ditoxification

    Egesting wastes stuck at your flab

  • Sense of Taste Sharpening

    You will become able to enjoy your meals by your shapened sense of taste

  • Bowel cleansing

    Egesting fecal impaction cleanses inside of your bowel

  • Blood Purification

    Decreasing cholesterol number improves circulation of your blood

  • Lung Purification

    Cleaned lung let you breathe pleasently

  • Vitality Recovery

    You will bocome more energetic and confident

  • Thinking Ability Improvement

    Cleansing your bowels makes your brain work creatively

Note; Those are the impression of people who have performed the fasting, and do not show the concrete effect or efficacy.

Who is not eligible for fasting

We don’t recommend “Fasting” to those who are :

  • Under 18

  • Elders

  • On medicaton

  • In pregnancy

  • On the blob

  • lactating

  • In bad condition

  • Inevitable to do
    hard excercise

How to do Fasting program


Preparation and repairing foods are very important. Choose foods which are not heavy for your stomach. Brown rice, porridge and vegetables are highly recommended as main dish.


Those are the foods should be avoided on fasting Fatty meat, fish, dairy foods, deep fried, stacks, bread, coffee, processed foods, cigarette and alcohol drink.

●Recommended to take 2 litter of mineral water per each day on fasting that will boost detox effect.
●Imagine that you feel comfortable and relaxed on the days of fasting.


Half day fasting

Let’s make it a daily routine.

Replace one of your meals on day with fasting drink. Example that 7pm finished last dinner, no break fast on the next morning and have lunch at noon. In this way of fasting, you spend 17 hours without foods which can rest your intestine and you can rest your body.

How to

Take 30ml of fasting drink straight or mixing with mineral water if too thick in taste. The first meal after fasting should be less amount of fruits or vegetables. The second meal is recommended light foods such as porridge which is not heavy for your stomach.


Weekend fasting

Once a week detox.

Replace your meals with fasting drinks. We recommend a relaxed style that takes advantage of the weekend, with the day before as the preparation period and the next day as the rest period. Ideally, practice once a month.

How to

Replace your meals with 300ml of fasting drink and 2 liter of mineral water. Light meals are recommended for both, the day before as preparation and the next day as rest day.


3 days fasting

Once a 3 months,
cleanse your body from the cell level

Try the 3 days course after the half and all day fasting. When 3 days fasting becomes your regular thing, your body and mind will remain healthy. You are recommended spending preparation and repairing day before and after fasting with light meals which are not heavy for your stomach.

How to

You will spend at least 1 day as preparation day. Replace meals with 200ml~300ml of fasting drink and 2 liter of mineral water in several divided times. You might mix the drink with water when too thick in taste. Light meals are recommended for both, the day before as preparation and the next day as rest day.