Glory International co.,ltd.


OEM/ODM Available

Enzyme Fasting

Enzyme Beverage / Skincare

Make your own brand with original or your own recipes.

We build your brand as you wish. All of our products of food and skin care are available for OEM, and as for ODM we have strong relationship with many manufacturing factories who are specialized in variety of products to make your own original brand as you wish.

Step 1: Concept of your product

・Various ingredients are available for extra effects on both beverage and skin care.

Step 2: Packaging design (by brand owner)

・Choose materials and sizes of bottle/sachet
・Create designs on label/box as you like

Step 3: Quotation

・Price confirmation depending on order quantity and design shall be required

Step 4: 50% of payment shall be required

・Start the production, half amount of quotation price shall be required

Step 5: Test production

・Discuss for taste, texture and packaging design

Step 6: About 2 months for the first production

・About 2 months of lead time is required

Step 7: The rest of 50% payment shall be required

・The rest of quotation price shall be required before shipment

Step8: Delivery of goods