Plant-lactobacillus fermented beverage

Fastzyme α

Seek the beauty from top to toe

What is Fastzyme α?

Fastzyme α is a nutritionally rich enzyme beverage crafted from over 70 different crops. These crops have been aged and fermented for three and a half years. The beverage was specifically designed for detoxification and intestinal cleansing.​


The name “Fastzyme” is a combination of “Fasting” and “Enzyme.” Enzymes are essential components of human activity; no part of the human body operates without them. However, many people have insufficient food enzymes due to the prevalent use of chemicals in agriculture. Many crops are cultivated using agrichemicals, hazardous metals, and radiation. Such cultivation methods often reduce the crops’ enzyme production.​


Enzymes don’t operate independently; they facilitate the activity of all nutrients required for the human body’s functions. But because many of us lack sufficient food enzymes, our bodies can’t deliver essential nutrients effectively. This inefficiency can limit our performance, preventing us from achieving our full potential.


Moreover, studies show that the human body has a finite capacity for enzyme production throughout one’s life. Consuming excessive food means the majority of our enzymes are dedicated to digestion, leaving only a small portion for other vital bodily functions. Research suggests that even short periods of fasting can be effective in diverting more enzymes to processes essential for our well-being. In Europe, fasting is often described as “surgery without a knife.” After extensive research and development, we are proud to present our solution: Fastzyme α.​


Main Benefits of Fastzyme α:​

    1. Probiotics: Contains 15 types of lactobacillus.​
    2. Prebiotics: Includes oligosaccharides that support beneficial gut bacteria.​
    3. Biogenics: Offers the benefits derived from killed bacteria.​
    4. Intestinal Temperature Rise: Helps improve immunity by elevating the temperature within the intestines.​
    5. Blood Plaque Elimination: Aids in softening blood vessels.​
    6. D-amino acid: Includes four types of D-amino acids known for their beauty-enhancing properties.​

What is Biotin?

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is an essential B vitamin vital for healthy living.​

This nutrient plays a crucial role in enhancing metabolic activity and promoting skin, mucosa, hair, and nails health. While biotin can be synthesized by intestinal bacteria within our guts, the exact quantity produced naturally remains uncertain. Regardless, the biotin generated internally functions as effectively as the biotin we obtain from dietary sources.​

People who consume excessive alcohol or smoke cigarettes may especially need additional biotin. These habits can negatively impact the intestinal environment, potentially reducing the natural production of biotin. Deficiencies in biotin can lead to symptoms such as graying hair, hair loss, inflammation, muscle pain, fatigue, and loss of appetite.​

Given its importance, biotin is a nutrient many prioritize in their daily diet.​

Fastzyme α

  • JPY 9,500 + tax
Net weight
Isomaltooligosaccharide, Fermented plant extract food (brown sugar, prune, mugwort, soybean(non-GMO), oligosaccharide, strawberry, grape, mandarin, peach, apple, persimmon, perilla, yuzu, pumpkin, lucid ganoderma, Japanese radish, Japanese mountain ginseng, spinach, carrot, young leaf of barley, kale, brown rice, kombu, sweetcorn, jew's mallow, kiwi fruit, kumquat, rice bran, shiitake mushroom, tomato, lemon, jew's-ear, cocoa, kombu root, focus, wakame, blueberry, cucumber, mallotus japonicas, akebi, plantain, striped bamboo, arbutus, field horsetail, loquat leaf, cabbage, hijiki, grifola frondosa, eggplant, brassica rapa, celery, pear, bitter mellon, bok choi, sweet pepper, Japanese plum,
turmeric, lotus root, iyo-orange, brassica rapa vitamin, fig, burdock, wild vine, broccoli, ginger, asparagus, quince, parsley, Japanese parsley, raspberry, honewort, Japanese ginger, goumi, blackberry, buerger raspberry )Apple Juice, Pineapple Juice, Apple cider vinegar, Peach Juice, Grape juice, Lemon Juice, Sudachi (Citrus Sudachi), Yeast (Biotin included)

Made with over 70 kinds of carefully selected ingredients that pay special attention to seasons and cyclical farming method. We apply three year and half period in fermentation process to increase its nutritional value and lessen their molecules to be easily absorbed form. 

Allergen : Apple, Kiwi fruit, Soy, Peach